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My obsession with a silly browser game.

April 25, 2023

In addition to the Wordle, I've been playing a similar daily browser game called Waffle. Like the Wordle, a new puzzle--called a "waffle"--is served each day.

A waffle consists of 6 five-letter words that must be unscrambled. The first, third, and fifth letters of each word are shared with a crossword, forming the namesake waffle pattern. The goal is to unscramble the words in 10 moves. This is considered perfect and results in the player earning 5 stars. For each additional swap you make, you lose a star. If you make more than 15 swaps, you fail the puzzle for the day.

I successfully completed my 125th waffle today. I haven't missed a day since I started. For example, here are my results for today:

#waffle459 5/5


🔥 streak: 125
🌟 #wafflecenturion

I only made 10 swaps, so I got a perfect five stars. I am considered a waffle "centurion" because I have a streak of over 100. I have earned 485 stars. 42% of my games have resulted in 5 stars.

Statistics and other facts about each waffle can be found on the Waffle's official Twitter account.

bryan 30w
I have been playing every day since I wrote this post. I'm currently at a 297-day streak!
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