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A tadpole person or headfooter is a simplistic representation of a human being as a figure without a torso, with arms and legs attached to the head. Tadpole people appear in the drawings of young children before they learn to draw torsos and move on to more realistic depictions such as stick figures. Preschoolers who draw tadpole people will generally not draw torsos, even when instructed to include features that are part of the torso, such as a belly button. Instead, they tend to draw the feature onto the tadpole person without modifying the figure.
Jul 17
Bit error rate
Jul 16
Kullback–Leibler divergence
Jul 15
Mary Schmich
Jul 14
Regression testing
Jul 13
Wasserstein metric
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Block cipher mode of operation
Jul 11
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Birds Aren't Real
Jul 9
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Rip current
Jul 7
Primitive recursive function
Jul 6
Sudan function
Jul 5
Meow Mix
Jul 4
Tulsi Gabbard
Jul 3
Jul 2
Northwest Ordinance
Jul 1
Jun 30
Taxonomic rank
Jun 29
Robbie (TV series)
Jun 28
Gödel's Loophole
Jun 27
Survival function
Jun 26
Commitment scheme
Jun 25
Lighthouse of Alexandria
Jun 24
Jun 23
United States Department of Energy
Jun 22
Jun 21
The Game (mind game)
Jun 20
Audie Murphy
Jun 19
Jun 18
Isaac Saul