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The sparse Fourier transform (SFT) is a kind of discrete Fourier transform (DFT) for handling big data signals. Specifically, it is used in GPS synchronization, spectrum sensing and analog-to-digital converters.:The fast Fourier transform (FFT) plays an indispensable role on many scientific domains, especially on signal processing. It is one of the top-10 algorithms in the twentieth century. However, with the advent of big data era, the FFT still needs to be improved in order to save more computing power. Recently, the sparse Fourier transform (SFT) has gained a considerable amount of attention, for it performs well on analyzing the long sequence of data with few signal components.
Feb 28
Projective Set (game)
Feb 27
Fibonacci sequence
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James E. Talmage
Feb 25
Point process
Feb 24
Projective space
Feb 23
Bernoulli distribution
Feb 22
Beta distribution
Feb 21
Fixed-point arithmetic
Feb 20
Marianne Williamson
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Finnegans Wake
Feb 18
Reed–Solomon error correction
Feb 17
QR code
Feb 16
Hadamard matrix
Feb 15
United States presidential primary
Feb 14
Feb 13
Cyclomatic complexity
Feb 12
Reflection phase change
Feb 11
Aztec Code
Feb 10
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List of URI schemes
Feb 8
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Camera matrix
Feb 6
Sparse Fourier transform
Feb 5
Expected value
Feb 4
Hough transform
Feb 3
Coherence time (communications systems)
Feb 2
Hough transform
Feb 1
Joe Biden presidential campaign
Jan 31
Scale-invariant feature transform
Jan 30
George Soros