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In the Book of Mormon, the Three Nephites (also known as the Three Nephite Disciples) are three Nephite disciples of Jesus who were blessed by Jesus to remain alive on the earth, engaged in his ministry and in their apostolic callings until his Second Coming. As described in Third Nephi chapter 28, this change occurred when they were caught up into heaven. Similar to Mormon beliefs about John the Apostle, the Three Nephites were granted immortality in order to carry out their ministering work on the earth. The account in the Book of Mormon reads that they ministered unto all the people in the surrounding lands, bringing many to the church by means of preaching and baptism. In modern times, the Three Nephites and the beliefs surrounding them make up a significant part of Mormon folklore. These stories describe situations in which the Three Nephites have appeared and provided assistance in some way or another to church members, and such stories give insight into the contemporary tests of faith experienced by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).
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