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Fandom (formerly known as Wikicities and Wikia) is a wiki hosting service that hosts wikis mainly on entertainment topics (i.e., video games, TV series, movies, entertainers, etc.). The privately held, for-profit Delaware company was founded in October 2004 by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley. Fandom was acquired in 2018 by TPG Inc. and Jon Miller through Integrated Media Co. Fandom uses MediaWiki, the same open-source wiki software used by Wikipedia. Unlike the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that hosts Wikipedia, Fandom, Inc. operates as a for-profit company and derives its income from advertising and sold content, publishing most user-provided text under copyleft licenses. The company also runs the associated Fandom editorial project, offering pop-culture and gaming news. Fandom wikis are hosted under the domain, which has become one of the top 50 most visited websites in the world, rapidly rising in popularity beginning in the early 2020s. It ranks as the 50th as of October 2023, with 25.79% of its traffic coming from the United States and followed by Russia with 7.76% according to Similarweb.
Jul 17
Bit error rate
Jul 16
Kullback–Leibler divergence
Jul 15
Mary Schmich
Jul 14
Regression testing
Jul 13
Wasserstein metric
Jul 12
Block cipher mode of operation
Jul 11
Jul 10
Birds Aren't Real
Jul 9
Jul 8
Rip current
Jul 7
Primitive recursive function
Jul 6
Sudan function
Jul 5
Meow Mix
Jul 4
Tulsi Gabbard
Jul 3
Jul 2
Northwest Ordinance
Jul 1
Jun 30
Taxonomic rank
Jun 29
Robbie (TV series)
Jun 28
Gödel's Loophole
Jun 27
Survival function
Jun 26
Commitment scheme
Jun 25
Lighthouse of Alexandria
Jun 24
Jun 23
United States Department of Energy
Jun 22
Jun 21
The Game (mind game)
Jun 20
Audie Murphy
Jun 19
Jun 18
Isaac Saul