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George Anthony Devolder Santos ( SAN-tohss, SAHN-tohss; Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈsɐ̃tus]; born July 22, 1988) is an American politician who served as the U.S. representative for New York's 3rd congressional district from January to December 2023. A member of the Republican Party, he was elected to Congress in 2022 after running unsuccessfully in 2020. Santos became the first openly LGBT member elected to Congress as a non-incumbent Republican. He was expelled from Congress on December 1, 2023, making Santos the sixth person to be expelled in the history of the House.Santos grew up in the New York City borough of Queens and lived in Brazil for a time. After returning to the United States he worked for several companies in New York and Florida. In 2021, he founded a company called the Devolder Organization; it is closely held and little is known about it. Starting six weeks after his election, numerous news outlets reported that much of his self-reported biography appeared to be fabricated, including claims about his ancestry, education, employment history, charity work, financial status, property ownership, ethnicity, religion, and crimes of which he claimed to be a victim. Santos admits to lying about his education and employment history, while his disclosures about his business activities and income are contradictory.Post-election investigations also revealed that Santos had not been forthright about his criminal history nor a series of lawsuits against him. In 2010, he confessed to having committed check fraud in Brazil in 2008, but he failed to appear in court in 2011, leaving the case unresolved. Brazilian authorities revived the case in late 2022 and he later agreed to plead guilty. Santos admits that he never paid thousands of dollars in New York eviction and personal debt related judgments from the 2010s. In 2017, he was charged with theft by deception in Pennsylvania, but the charges were dropped and later expunged.Two 2023 federal indictments allege 23 fraud-related charges against Santos, to which he has pleaded not guilty. He rejected calls to resign and survived an initial expulsion vote. After the House Ethics Committee released a report in November implicating Santos in fraud, he was expelled from the House of Representatives by a vote of 311–114, exceeding the necessary two-thirds majority. He is the only Republican ever expelled from the House, and the only representative expelled without first being convicted of a federal crime or having supported the Confederacy during the Civil War.
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