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Projective Set (sometimes shortened to ProSet) is a real-time card game derived from the older game Set. The deck contains cards consisting of colored dots; some cards are laid out on the table and players attempt to find "Sets" among them. The word projective comes from the game's relation to Projective spaces over the finite field with two elements.Projective Set has been studied mathematically as well as played recreationally. It has been a popular game at Canada/USA Mathcamp.
Apr 19
Apr 18
Apr 17
Quaternions and spatial rotation
Apr 16
Affine transformation
Apr 15
Heidi Gardner
Apr 14
Learning with errors
Apr 13
Apr 12
Accounting identity
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Watchdog timer
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Rotation matrix
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Three Nephites
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Spherical coordinate system
Apr 7
Mormon folklore
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Homogeneous coordinates
Apr 5
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Counter (digital)
Apr 3
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Matter (standard)
Apr 1
Network layer
Mar 31
Mar 30
Clock generator
Mar 29
Near-field communication
Mar 28
ISO/IEC 14443
Mar 27
Near-field communication
Mar 26
CPU multiplier
Mar 25
Stress (linguistics)
Mar 24
Mar 23
Mar 22
Heavenly Mother (Mormonism)
Mar 21
Harald Cramér